Table Top Case

2-System Table Top Case


Sturdy metal case, light gray with black trim. 19" wide rack mount fits the AMT-16 system (optional accessory) or an AMT-4 or AMT-8 system. Table top cases that fit 3 components are also available.


BISIM - Skin Impedance Meter - ITEM DISCONTINUED

BiSim Skin Impedance Meter

Measures the quality of electrode contact with the skin. Ensures low and equal impedance between electrode sites, increasing the fidelity and consistency of EMG measurements.

High Gain Pre-Amplifiers

Gain 2000 Surface Pre-Amp.

APE2000, APE 2000R

Surface pre-amplifiers with a 2000 gain setting are used to record weak EMG signals, usually from deep lying musculature and under conditions of weak muscle activation. Please enquire to determine whether these pre-amplifiers fit your application needs.

Note: Same weight and dimensions as the standard APE500 pre-amps.


Wire Lead Pre-Amplifiers

Pre-Amp. with Wire Lead Connector

IPE500, IPE 500R

Powerful noise (AC and DC components) and movement artifact suppression technology delivers clean full bandwidth EMG recordings. Two short, tightly coiled springs provide reliable connection with bare wire inputs, compatible with fine wire recordings in research applications. Available with or without a surface ground lead.

Footswitch Cells
Footswitch cells (FS1)

FS-1, FS-2

Digital Footswitch cells with embedded electromechanical contact. Switches available as single cells and complete paired assemblies.

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