8 Channel EMG System

The 8 channel AMT-8 delivers the flexibility and performance required in a wide variety of research, clinical research and educational applications. The versatile single fixed cable design allows EMG measurements up to 50m from the main amplifier and data acquisition equipment. Extensive customer use has demonstrated that EMG measured with the AMT-8 is low in noise and high in signal fidelity, even when used in parallel with other equipment emitting high levels of noise (e.g. treadmill). Two digital Footswitch channels are available for footswitch or other equipment remote triggering.

System Components

1 - Main Amplifier
1 - Portable Unit
1 - Battery Pack & Belt
1 - Transmission Cable
1 - Pre-amp with reference
7 - Pre-amps - no reference
2 - Footswitches
1 - Hospital Grade Power Cord (US and Canada plug only)
30 - Bipole Electrodes
2 - 9V Alkaline Batteries

System Features

Effective suppression of noise and movement artifacts
Full EMG signal bandpass (frequency 10 - 1000 Hz)
User friendly set-up and operation
Main Amplifier

Friendly user interface with indexed and continuous gain settings
Countertop design also fits 19" equipment racks and table top cases (see accessories)

Portable Unit

Color coded connectors ensure proper system configuration
Low mass (240 g) compact design with waist belt
Single fixed cable: quasi-free range of motion up to 50m (10m standard)
Powered by 9V battery: 2 forms of patient isolation


Active Pre-Amplifier

Differential pre-amplification close to the signal source: noise minimization
Low mass - miniature design (3.5 g): minimizes risk of insecure electrode fixation
Pre-amplifiers with both disposable surface and wire electrode lead connectors


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